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Singing lessons

- The Liberated Voice Method

- Let your true voice come through


- Develop your instrument of singing


- Transform your voice into a powerful tool for an authentic expression


- Expand your register, sound colour and your possibilities for expression


- Discover new aspects of yourself through sounding, toning and singing songs


- Strengthen your health and joy


-Heal your voice
 and get new tools for healing yourself



For whom is the Liberated Voice method?


Liberated song is for anyone who wants to open, discover and develop his/her voice

and who is set for personal development and growth


-Those who are afraid of singing or making themselves heard

-Those who are teaching or in other ways use their voice a lot

-Those who simply want to give their voice and their singing a chance

-Those who want to strengthen their health, their immune system and increase the body's energy

-Those who want to strengthen their self esteem and experience of one self

-Those who notices psychical or physical blockages incl in the area around the throat

-Those who want to use their voice to heal themselves and others

-Professional singers




How does a session work?


You don't have to prepare anything.
 I guide you with my voice and lead the way

The voice is our primary tool but it might be on hand to use breathing exercises, and maybe even moving exercises

One first time is a try-out and at the same time, for me, a familiarising with you and your voice.
 For some it's enough to e.g. get feedback on something specific.

Most want to return for a more thorough work with their voice.
 I then recommend a minimum of 3times and minimum 1/week

What exactly we'll work with is determined by where you're at on your voice-path and what your desires are




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