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Briefly about Kefas


Kefas is a voyager in the world of voice, body and movement and he dedicates his life to voice and singing - its source, expression and healing power. He believes that singing is an inherent and much neglected potential and right; that song in its nature is harmonizing and healing; generates peace and goodwill between people; and is an infinite spring of joy and energy.


Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, he has worked 35 years pedagogically, therapeutically, and artistically with song, dance, play, and physical theater. He has given workshops in singing, physical theatre and movement in Sweden and internationally sinc 20 years.

At present, he is leading a number of choirs (without notes or chairs and for everyone!), giving Workshops in Sweden and abroad while also receiving clients for private sessions with Voice coaching, Sound Healing and Liberated Voice.


He has found inspiration and knowledge among teachers as A.Wolfsohn, J.Grotowski, P.Newham and F.Armstrong, Vickie Dodd, Laurel E. Keyes and John Beaulieu and many others but perhaps most of all, all the people who, in his work, have trustingly shared themselves and their life.



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I graduated 1982 from the gymnasium at Kristofferskolan - a 12-year Steiner school in Stockholm.


Since then I have been working pedagogically, therapeutically and artistically with children, adolescents and adults with singing, playing, dance and physical theater.


I have been working as Educator, Music Therapist, Massage Therapist, Sound healer, Reiki healer, Kindergarten Child-minder, Teacher in Physical Theatre, Singing, Eurythmy, Contact Improvisation, ”Floorwork", Fire Art, Acrobatics, Movement improvisation and also worked as a Coordinator for The Theatre course at FHSK Varying By, Waldorf Class Teacher, Choir leader, Dancer, Actor, Singer and Director.


I have five children and many grandchildren.

I studied music theory and composition, Waldorf education, Eurythmy, Singing, Singing improvisation, Pressel massage, Tai Chi and Physical Theatre (Grotowski) and took classes in Kathakali, West African dancing, Butoh, Contact Improvisation, Floor Work, , Anne Bogarts Viewoints, Rudolf Labans movement analyze, Playing (Kuhfuss) , Bars / Access Consciousness, Jikiden Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy, etc. ......


Since 1982, he has appeared in some hundred stage productions - as a dancer, actor, musician, actor, composer or director.


He has written more than 300 musical pieces, including music for several dance and theater performances (click to see).


Since 1998 he has been working as an actor, singer and teacher at Theatre Slava, Stockholm.


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