Tone Therapy

Tone Therapy is an holistic Energy therapy where the therapeutic tools are the Biosonic Tuning forks, Hands-on techniques like Reiki and the toning Voice of  the therapist as well as 8 tonong Chrystal bowls. Those are used to balance and strengthen the Individual Healing System of the client.


What does a session look like?


The client lies down on a treatment table.

I take turns working the body and energy system with the BioSonic Tuning forks and my Voice. With my hands and voice I work the energy system in order to remove stagnations and blockages and carefully stimulate encased “events” . In this way I stimulate the flow of energy generally and specifically so that what ever stands in the way for healing may be discharged and elimanated from your body.


The specific role of the Tuning forks is to in-tonate and inform the body through specific frequencies, so to say tuning the body and bringing it back to balance. Balance  implies a functioning healing system, well prepared to take care of what disturbs body and mind. The tuning forks also gives relaxation and peace. The weighted Otto ruing forks stimaltes the blood flow and relaxes the muscels. 


The tuning forks and the voice work in different ways and on different levels within the energy system. You could say that the Voice reaches deeper into the subconscious and historic levels of the client, seeking biographic resounding, opening from within what has been locked into existence. The Tuning fork balances, stimulates and "informs" energeticly, while also solving blocks and tensions.

The Chrystal singing bowls treatment 

Another sound treatment is with the Chrystal singing bowls. As the picture is showing the client lies on the floor with a warm blanket. The bowls are played and are surounding the client with clean tuned deep tones that brings body and mind to a very relaxed and uplifted state of mind. The tones are like bridges between the dreams state and being awake. The experience is like being carried by the sothing tones.   

The client chooses together with the therapist the treatment that would be most suitable.  


Who could be in need of Tone therapy?


The treatment is relaxing, stress reducing, pain relieving, strengthens the immune system and gives a sense of well-being.

After the treatment your healing system has better possibilities to grasp what is causing unbalance, weakness and illness in your body and soul. The amount of treatment needed for a specific concern varies from case to case, but the most basic benefits, such as relaxation and stress reduction will be noticeable even after the first session.


Sound healing can help anybody in need of initiating a healing process or in need of support in an any on-going somatic, psycological or sprituell healing process.



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A session lasts 45 min + 15 min resting 

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