Singing lessons

Singing lessons / singing coaching

- are you afraid to sing or make yourself heard at all?

- are you one of those concidered"tone deaf"?

- do you sing often but want to develop your singing?

- are you a professional singer but have lost the joy and inspiration to sing?

Do you simply want to find your specific voice, your personal song, your "tone"?

Give yourself a second chance, let your personal voice make a breakthrough, develop your singing instrument, transform your voice into a powerful tool for who you are, expand register, timbre and your possibilities for expression, discover new sides of yourself through sound, toning and singing songs.

The possibilities are endless!

I don't teach you to sing according to a certain style or genre, but instead help you to develop your voice potential according to your wishes by giving you the tools you need!

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600 kr / 55 min - in my studio

800 / 55 min - home visit or other venue

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