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 The Liberated Voice

- the voice that liberates


July 2020 postponed

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Discover, experience and integrate your true voice!

What if your voice could reflect your personal power?

And what if, through your voice, you would gain the energy, strength

and confidence to express who you really are?

The workshop is about releasing and eliminating the physical and mental tensions and blockages of your voice. Its about eliminating body/mind structures that keeps you from finding and liberating the voice that is originally yours, internal structures that doesn't allow the full range, the power and the genuine joy that comes along with using your own, very personal voice.

Originally, your voice had the capacity to express the full range of emotions, thoughts and feelings……before it was "taken prisoner" by the process of you growing up and closing inside. But, no worries! You are ready (and hopefully willing) to lock the prison guard and free your voice. I will help you get a hand on the keys!

You do not sing WITH your voice. You sing THROUGH it!

Yes, this is the very truth…..and realising this makes a huge difference. 

Imagine your voice being a deep well…..and all you have to do is to allow the water to spring freely from the deep, allow it to spring right out of your very true self you whatever and how ever you are right now. 

Through a unique combinations of Breathing exercises, Movement and Voice sessions you will be able to make a step-by-step ”break-through” with your voice. 

The freer it becomes, the more you will be able to sing THROUGH it. 

And not only that. You will also be able to play with it. And play we will!

And please, believe me when I say No previous knowledge or skills are required! Magic will happen!

"The Liberated Voice" is an original method developed through years of work with thousands of different voices, from the so called ”tone deaf”, frightened ”non-singer”, to the routined professional singers that may have lost their pleasure and freedom with it. 

Lets find the joy, the energy and the empowered personal voice that will become your new and beloved playmate. 

And you know what?

Liberating the voice isn't just about the voice  It goes hand in hand with the liberation of you, as the master of your life. The transformation of yourself and how you relate with the world and with yourself always come as beautiful consequences of the voice getting liberated. Yes, it is magic!

Attention! You need No previous experience in singing!

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liberating the breath

liberating the voice

liberating the creativity with the voice

”authentic voice” sessions

tone bath



3 full days

daily 10:00 - 17:00

with a lunch break

Workshop fee:

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info comes later

This is what participants have shared about previous

Voice Workshops with Kefas:

"...The effects I've noticed from the course are partly new energy, curiosity about my voice, a strong self-confidence, and a connection with my body when I sing..."

"… I met my Voice as my Soul…I got to learn my Body as a Voice Instrument and I experienced my Heart as the most beautiful song of my Soul… Kefas’s voice work brought back my own belief in my Voice and the ability to sing that had been lost for many years because of emotional blocks…Unbelievably, but today I work as voice perofrmance artist and pedagogue myself… He is a true Master of Voice ..."


”...It was on the second day when we did the ”duets” with you. My experience was in a total presence of Here and Now. When it was done I couldnt really remember what I´ve done but the  experience was filled with feeling and ”big challenge”. I was open and what sounded, came from an unnown place in me. It was like open a space, releasing a capacity I didnt know about and didnt have the key to...”


"...Among the most important things are that I've found my way back to self again; I found my core, the tranquility, the light, the warmth, and not the least, I opened my heart..."

"...The fact that how I use my voice corresponds to how I live my life, is a sensation for me; to ground, deepen, play and improvise..."

"...Kefas with his inspiring, fantastic, non-judgmental, wonderful, intuitive, joyful, playful, warming, allowing, sensitive, real and masterful leadership...