Therapeutic Voicework


Therapeutic Voice Work

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Through a combination of several voice- and hands-on-techmiques I gently guide you and your voice so that it may liberate itself - at the same time You.

As your voice is freed from the limitations of life it is also liberates in you what wants to be seen, respected, freed and reclaimed.

"With every new tone, sound and timbre you conquer (liberate)

you gain new lands, new opportunities and new abilities to the life you live.

You liberate your voice and your voice liberates You. Thats the math.

All that is needed is your will and free effort."

The development from your first sounds as a newborn to the melodic singing voice happens by it self.

Through the inate ability of imitation we adapt to a huge world of sounds, tones and speech.

The voice is originally there to heal and restore inner balance and of course to communicate the whole register of who you are and what you need.

Though, the cultures of our time, the judgements and conclusions we adapt to regarding voice use and singing contributes to the mental and somatic tensions we carry or activate while giving voice.

Breathing and voice gets a hard time to work in a natural way and in the way you would need it to work.

How you live your life, how you you relate to yourself and the world influences your body, your breathing, your 

posture and how you use your voice. Limitations and possibilities within your voice reveals  your life story, your inner state 

and how you relate to others, to life and your self.

The voice is truly an amazing living metaphor of life itself.   

However, the voice is not just there to be read and understand.

It is also possible to change and cultivate.

If you are willing to change and liberated your voice, then also your life and living will change and liberate.

When your voice opens up, new possibilities will show up. New possibilities. New choices in life can be made!

It is an amazing and wondrous fact that proves itself again and again.

Our goal is the liberation of your dynamic and personal voice and its flexibility ; the freedom to sing, sound and speak

the way yuo need to and as an expression of who you truly are - right now.

The goal is also life itself: that the voice work liberates life itself from the internal restrictions and tensions. 

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