Workshop in Toning with Kefas Berlin

Toning means....singing in one note per breath

A 3-part course = you sign up and pay in advance for all three sessions.


Gathering 1:

- about toning and about tone; medical aspects and research.

- techniques for being able to tone with stability, energy and direction: breathing, posture, attack.

- "Duende" and its crucial importance for the toning.

- Healing Toning for your own well-being.


Gathering 2:

- Review of the content of previous gatherings. Questions and experiences.

- The relationship of the vowels to the body and the energy system.

- Some different forms of healing-toning in pairs; "Con-toning" or "An-toning"


Gathering 3:

- Review of the content of the previous meetings. Questions and experiences.

- Healing group-toning formulas

- Healing Distance toning


You participate in all parts of the course and practice as much as you can in between.

TIMES: t.b.a.

FEE: t.b.a.

LOCATION: t.b.a.


Questions: 0707512145


I, Kefas, am a Voice Fasciliator, Founder of Somatic Voice Experiencing Therapy and Choir leader.

The Toning I got to know almost 40 years ago.

The practice of Toning, both for myself, with clients and with groups

has followed me throughout the years. Its significance has never ceased to deepen.

Happily, in recent years, research has caught up and mapped at least some important effects of toning that are crucial for health.

But long before that, millions of people have noticed the positive effects of Toning.